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Custom VIP Interiors & Cabinets

              ​At JenJacs we have over 30 years of experience building Aircraft Furniture

for the most Elite OEM's in the world. JenJacs has the capability to Fabricate

Complete Interior Cabinetry,  Bracketry,  Machine Parts, Composite Parts for

the structural fabrication of Aircraft, and Installation of all components .

                                  Fabrication of Detailed parts

                       Aluminum                                      Stainless Steel

​              Thermo-Forming​                                        Wood

                       Delrin                                                   Fiberglass

                 Carbon Fiber                                           Plastics

                        Lexan                                                 Sheet Metal

Detail Machine Parts & Assembly



        At JenJacs we have the capability to do all types of finishes.  We specialize in

Stain, Clear Coat, Sand, and Buff to a very high luster.  We spray Primer and Top Coat

for Corporate Aircraft.  We also have Faux finish capabilities.


     At JenJacs we produce our own shop drawings  and write Programs from Catia Models using

Master-Cam.  Projects, in their entirety, are tracked through our ERP system; this is most

beneficial for tracking cost and locating parts at all times. We are always updating to the newest

and  greatest equipment and software.

High End Furniture Finish & Faux



At JenJacs we have the most up to date Quality Inspection equipment.  Our inspectors are

Verisurf Certified.  At JenJacs we want to make sure our product passes inspection at all times.

 Quality is as important to us as meeting delivery dates!